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Don’t have time to build your own stand – but want one that reflects the look and feel of your brand? Want to choose from a wide range of features, without having to coordinate with various service providers? Then our system stand deluxe “Individual & Unique” is perfect for you!

"Individual & Unique" offers you the possibility of showcasing your brand and product through a more customised design based on a system stand, beginning from 12 square metres. After a personal consultation with you, we will design your stand and provide you with a floor plan, view and wall design along with a more detailed quote. A review is included in the planning service with quote preparation. Please note that the deadline for ordering is 15 July 2018. For orders received after 15 July 2018, availability and feasibility will have to be confirmed first.
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This is what your stand could look like

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System stand deluxe sketches

Please note that these individual price categories represent examples and consequently only serve as an initial guideline. Services from higher price categories are of course also available for categories with a lower price per square metre. The final price of a stand is determined by the amount and quality of the desired services.

N.B.: The indicated prices per square meter only include the cost of “Individual and Unique” services. The total cost is composed of the price of services and rental of the stand area.

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