Invitation Programme for International Exhibitors

Areal Einladungsprogramm

The Invitation Programme offers the chance for small independent publishing companies from Africa, the Arabic World, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean to participate in the world's biggest book fair. For publishing companies from these regions, globalisation is a two-edged sword. Access to the world market seems easier thanks to limitless communication. At the same time, the advance of new conglomerates makes it harder to get in on the market. Guaranteeing the presence of a selected group of around 20 publishing houses at the industries biggest get-together is the main goal of the Frankfurt Book Fair´s Invitation Programme.
The guest publishers attend a two-and-a-half-day seminar before the Book Fair providing wide-ranging information on the German book market and international publishing.

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  • Seminar
    As in past years, the guest publishers will attend a two-and-a-half-day seminar before the Book Fair begins, not only preparing them for the Fair, but also providing them with wide-ranging information on the German book market. As a discussion forum, the seminar gives them the opportunity to talk to experienced speakers from the industry on topics such as international sales, marketing, rights and licences, and book design.

  • Expenses for travel, stay and stand covered
    Apart from being paid their travel expenses and their stay, the carefully selected guests from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Arab World, the Caribbean and Central and Eastern Europe are always given a free stand at the Fair. Funding is provided jointly by the Frankfurt Book Fair and the German Federal Foreign Office.

  • Qualifications
    The programme is aimed at small-scale, independent publishers from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Arab world, the Caribbean, and Central and Eastern Europe. Proficiency in English is required.

  • Application
    Applications for 2017 are to be submitted until the end of April 2017. You will then find the contact details here. During the application and selection process, we might try to get in touch with the applicants by e-mail or phone.

  • Duration, Preparation and activities
    This programme starts normally one week before the beginning of Frankfurt Book Fair and ends on Sunday 15th. Besides the seminar more activities are planned during the book fair. As a preparation for the programme activities may take place even before the official beginning of the programme. Additionally, participants are expected to cooperate during the whole process.
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Application to the Invitation Programme

Applications for 2017 can be submitted from March on.

Participants of the Invitation Programme 2016:

Al Karma Publishers (Qatar)

Founded in Cairo in 2013, Al-Karma publishes original and translated quality fiction and non-fiction books that impact the reader’s life: novels, biographies and memoirs, history, current affairs, and self-help. Al-Karma has quickly become the publisher of choice to many of the Egypt's leading authors, while building a translation list including L. Ulitskaya, P. Mairal, N. Ginzburg, J. Fosse, R. Bach and
F.S. Fitzgerald.

Alas de Barrilete (Guatemala)

Alas de Barrilete is a project born with the idea of dinamizing cultural spaces through publishing, producing and promoting cultural books. Founded on 2012, Alas de Barrilete is focused on the fiction segment including novels and short stories. Raktas is the imprint dedicated to poetry and Viaje a La Luna Ediciones is the imprint for experimental works.

amaBooks (Zimbabwe)

AmaBooks, based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, has published contemporary Zimbabwean fiction since 2001. The publishing house concentrates on novels, poetry and short story collections, together with a few local culture and history titles. Rights and co-publishing arrangements have been made with publishers in North America, the United Kingdom, Germany and across Africa, and the books have been recognised through awards both nationally and internationally.

Anamá Ediciones (Nicaragua)

Anama Ediciones was created in 1993 in Managua. It is currently one of the most important publishing houses in Nicaragua and includes seven collections: poetry, fiction, essays, memoirs, ‘Visions’, Nicaraguita and children’s books. At the end of 2016 they will be launching a call for writers no older than 30 years with the writing theme about the rescue of the historical
memory of Central America.

Ateneo de Manila University Press (Philippines)

Since 1972, the Ateneo de Manila University Press has published over 400 titles, primarily under the label social sciences and humanities. These titles include poetry, novels, non-fiction and a wide range of scholarly works particularly in media studies, history, sociology and anthropology, politics, theology and religious studies with some of these being considered classics in Philippine studies.

Bingsha Shatabdi (India)

Founded in 1956, Bingsha Shatabdi has 365 titles in Social Science and research articles on Indology, History & Literature. It publishes translations from Russian, French, German, Dutch, English, Hindi into Bangla & English. Its future list consists of historical travelogues of foreign visitors, volumes on traditional Ayurveda and translations of contemporary European writers with project to publish a journal on Heritage and Culture.

Dar al Hiwar (Syria)

Dar Al Hiwar for Publishing & Distribution was established in 1982 by the Syrian novelist Nabil Souleiman. The List of authors contains: Simone De Beauvoir, Orhan Kamal, Erich Fromm, C.G. Jung, Salvador Dali, Sawsan Hasan, etc. The focus of the publishing house lies in novels, psychology, sociology, religion, critical analysis, and philosophy from different languages such as Turkish, Slovenian, German, English, Iranian, French, etc.

Dar Altanweer (Tunesia)

Founded in Beirut in the 1983, Dar Altanweer launched its Cairo and Tunis offices in 2012. With its heritage in philosophical classics by authors such as Hegel and Spinoza, Dar Altanweer further expanded its oeuvre in philosophy by continuing to publish classics as well as philosophy books for the general reader. Additionally, expansions in classics and contemporary works in literature and popular science were undertaken.

Editions Proximité (Cameroon)

Created in 2002, the ambition of Proximité is to contribute to the emergence and promotion of African authors, taking into account the purchasing power of local readers and the difficulties to publish and promote African books in their countries. The catalog includes fiction, essays, biographies, youth literature and comics.

Editorial Entropía (Argentina)

Entropía is a small, independent publishing house founded in 2004 in Buenos Aires (Argentina), and it´s mainly focused on discovering and spreading contemporary voices. Over the last twelve years it has published several new Argentine authors, both fiction and non-fiction. It has also released some renowned Latin American writers and a few translations. Entropía´s catalogue includes novels, short stories, essays, theater, poetry and chronicles.

Empresa Editorial Arte y Literatura (Cuba)

Arte y Literatura Publishing House, founded on 1967, is focused on world literature of all times including essays, fiction, poetry and short story. They also publish art, architecture and biographies. The catalog includes authors from Russia, Germany, France, United States, Brazil, Italy, Japan, India, Poland like Margaret Atwood, Arundhati Roy, Mia Couto, Alice Walker, Oé Kenzaburo, Jose Saramago, Serguei Lukianenko.

Jalasutra (Indonesia)

Founded in 2000, Jalasutra is committed to publishing wide-ranging scholarly books on contemporary critical studies and literature to provide a wider perspective of critical thinking especially in the academic field and social movement. It mostly publishes well known Indonesian scholars and translated books from world’s literature into Bahasa. Some of those are collaboration with several institutions, universities, and NGOs.

Jamalon (Jordan)

Jamalon was established in 2010 and became the largest online bookstore in the Middle East. The website offers over 10 million English and Arabic titles, and ship the books to customers and institutions all over the world with free delivery charges. They currently enjoy strong relationships with the biggest publishers and distributors in the world, and they have launched recently the Print On Demand service in Dubai.

KLIO Publishing House (Georgia)

KLIO Publishing House is present on the Georgian book market since 2005. From the beginning they tried to support the ideas of enlightenment in Georgia. During this time they published over 70 titles. The high quality publications (Georgian and translated literature) include different genres: non-fiction and fiction as well children and young adultpublications, which engage children and youngsters to reading.

Lote42 (Brazil)

Lote 42, founded on 2012 in São Paulo, Brazil, publishes authors who push forward the limits in language and have creative approaches towards contemporary life. Its catalogue, which includes fiction, non-fiction, comics and poetry, reveals a strong dialogue between graphic projects and content. Lote 42 is also responsible for the newsstand Banca Tatuí, a creative store that distributes more than 140 independent publishers.

M'puto Editora (Mozambique)

M'puto Editora, created in 2008 in Mozambique, is focused on a wide range of segments such as children’s books, fiction, poetry and touristic books. To promote the Mozambican literature abroad, they founded the literary agency “Words From Mozambique”.

Nash Format (Ukraine)

Nash Format, founded in 2006, is the leader in Ukraine in non-fiction and business literature. In 2015 it was distinguished as the 7th of 20 best publishing brands according to Forbes Ukraine. Their goal is to encourage the new generation of Ukrainians to popularize reading and to change the mindset of the Ukrainian reader. They have published books by Nobel and Pulitzer
Prize winners as well as bestsellers according The New York Times and The Economist.

Plural Editores (Bolivia)

Plural Editores is the largest independent publishing house in Bolivia with an average output of 80 new titles a year. Founded in 1987, Plural has by now a considerable catalog –of more than 900 titles– that focuses on the social sciences, history, artand literature (including translations into Spanish from English, French, Italian, and German). Its books are distributed in Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and México.

Porcupine Press (South Africa)

Porcupine Press (Johannesburg) publishes titles by local writers in all genres and focuses on producing high-quality books that go against the frequent criticism of sub-standard products, as a result of inadequate self-publishing endeavours in South Africa. In addition they offer distribution services to an increasing number of small publishers which tend to be ignored by the traditional book trade.

Sama for Publishing and Disitribution (Egypt)

Sama for Publishing & Distribution was founded in 2012 in
Cairo. In 2015 they won the Egyptian Publishers association
award for the best New Publisher. Their focus lies on current
Political Issues, Contemporary literature, self-help books and
children books. Their mission is to enrich the Arabic library
and to contribute to the development of the Arab culture
and society.

Samaranayake Publishers (Sri Lanka)

Samaranayake Publishers launched ‘Practical
English’ in 1940 followed by the three volume ‘English With A Smile’ series. Diversification of genres as of 2011 includes fiction, non-fiction, biographies, and research materials to name a few. They are interested in negotiating translation and distribution rights of their publications.

Thaihabooks (Vietnam)

ThaiHaBooks JSC,. was established in 2007 in Vietnam with the mission of bringing humankind's knowledge to Vietnamese readers. They focus on a wide range of titles in segments such as Business, Parenting, Buddhism, Culture & Education, etc. The publishing house has also translated some famous titles into Vietnamese language such as “The 4 hour workweek” or “Think and Grow Rich & Outwitting the Devil”.

Vajra Books and Publications (Nepal)

Vajra Books was established on 2003 and is one of the leading publishers and distributors. They specialize on books about Nepal, Tibet, and Himalayas focusing more on Buddhism.
They have published over 250 titles on those subjects. They run two showrooms in Kathmandu Valley and where they present over 15,000 titles from different publishers. This book shop is the central place in the valley where authors meet.

Zmicier Kolas Publisher (Belarus)

Zmicier Kolas Publisher, founded in 2004 in Minsk, Belarus, is focused on a wide range of world literature, translated into Belarusian language, as well as dictionaries. The works of world fiction are presented in two series – Book Bank (paperback) and Littera scripta (hardcover), non-fiction has two series including biographies (Figures of the History) and humanities (Gallery of Human Thought).